Do you really love your children?

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We go to school to get knowledge that we believe shall make our future brighter. Our parents struggle hard to make us more elite from elementary to upper high levels of education. Then we graduate, sometimes we get jobs/employed and live a better life.

Mary and John married 30 years back, Marry was a doctor and John a famous lawyer. They struggled so hard as Bahati quoted “every success comes from sweat therefore sweat with the aim of success” so they did.

Their hard work paid them; they served the government with good services. Time came and they produced Emily, their only daughter…., they loved her so much and they always wanted her to be more elite than them. They invested much money in her but unfortunately Emily was not such a bright child and their parent wanted.

The couple won several awards for serving their country and they had really no time to create another alternative source of income like a family business because they always depended on their education.

They were being paid highly living in a luxurious life and owning a multi million building given to them by the government.

“Life is like a candle, the more it lights, the more it vanishes, so we should take advantages of today than waiting for expectations of tomorrow” Bahati Asher

While the couples were driving back home, their vehicle exploded suddenly due to engine shock. They both died on spot. What a tragedy did the government face losing good servants!

Tomorrow morning, the government official organized a luxurious burial ceremony to say good bye to the named heroes and eventually they were buried.

Many people promised to take care of Emily who was just making sixteen years of age but as you know a promise is just a spoken word with a may be – action in the future.

One month later after the burial, there was a need to replace them and the government recruited new servants to take on their duties. Little Emily was chased from the house because it belonged to the government and she was taken to an orphanage centre. She tried so much to study but wasn’t naturally gifted for that.

What lesson do you learn as a parent?

Even though you are educated enough, make a family source of income (family business) because when you die, your children cannot inherit your professionalism but can inherit the business. The office you are in now, the house the government or a company gave you, expensive cars you drive for organizations, they will be given to another one as soon as you perish and your children will be chased away.

No one will say that you were a teacher, doctor or lawyer so they should replace you by your children in for that, they will have to attain that professionalism before being considered. What if they are like Emily who wasn’t such blessed by education wisdom?

If John and Mary had a business, their daughter wouldn’t inherit? if they had constructed a home, Emily wouldn’t go in an orphanage centre, she would be staying in her parent’s home but she cannot use her parent’s paper, she have to sweat by her own.

Having a profession job is not bad but everyone should create a business if he/she really loves his/her children because they can inherit the business not professionalism.

Remember this “a quote is just a word to motivate you, and action is what takes you forward” Bahati Asher


5 thoughts on “Do you really love your children?”

  1. That is how people who are educated behave, they think that education is everything yet it is something useful for few people. We need to train our children well if we need them to have a brighter future and something they can inherit rather than figuring out

  2. Hello author, i agree with you 100% because this is very true in our societies where people think education is the only way children can possess materials thus ignoring small things like creating ventures for their children that in future they can inherit. Thank you really for sharing your greater ideas

  3. thank you for this wonderful article my brother. Some times we need to love and protect our children for a better future because our professionalism is not something worthy to depend on rather to create ventures for our children that they will inherit;

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