If we try new ideas, can we fail things again.

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How many times have you failed something, have you ever thought that is the end of your hope? Read Amos’ story and find out why trying new ideas works.

Amos after completing O.level education in 2018, he decided to join advanced education as it is in Uganda’s curriculum. In 2017, he started his journey of doing BCM (Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics) one of the toughest combination in Advanced levels of education.

After one term of academic study, he realized things were not easy as he has imagined and so he quite education.

What was his alternative?

“I was reading every now and then but still things were not coming, getting two points just in the beginning discouraged me a lot and so I had to open up my mind for other alternatives, I had a smartphone by then but for my case, I used it differently, instead of spending much time on social media platforms, I was learning how to raise a poultry. I borrowed UGX500 000 from a SACCO and started layering hens. With my one heart knowing that it is my way forward decision. As everything in the beginning, seems difficult so I faced challenges of limited capital, power, market and little ideas about poultry. After six months, I started making some money, used this money to expand my poultry, I got enough space, installed enough power for my farm and things changed. I sacrificed smartness and concentrated on my farm. In just a year, I managed to get a very big space, started raring piglets and now I own more than 1000 hens on my farm laying at least 800 eggs/day  which I sell at UGX500 each and I can sell 20 hens a day each at UGX25000. I am proud that trying new ideas helped me achieve something much better than I thought it would be” Amos narrated.


If things fail, then try to use new ideas, like Amos, get approximately $328.57/day from his sales but if he but if he had persisted on what was burdening him, would be making all that amount?

In life, we dream to be so many things, sometimes we succeed with our plans and sometimes obviously we fail to achieve our dreams. However, failing should not take off your hope. Always try new ideas and you will that things are just simple.

Amos is now 22 years of age living in Jinja district, he is not complaining of unemployment in the country because he made up his minds smartly.

Change your thinking, try new ideas and you will get more in your life.

”You cannot fail to get something is you love to take risks” Bahati Asher

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