What is the proper way to change your partner in a relationship?

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“Men marry hoping their ladies won’t change and ladies marry also thinking their men will change” invariably they both get disappointments. Does it mean you will despair and give up, you can change everything as long as you are willing to change yourself first. And so, what is the proper way to change your partner in a relationship?

Tips written here can help you to change your partner properly but bear in mind that they are gradual. Most relationships are good during the start and later end up in fights. This happens because most couple hide their characters during courtship and show them up when they marry.

Does she or he have some characters that you do not want or unhealthy to your relationship?

Follow the tips below;

  • Make him/her know how you feel about them; silent pains you alone but if you speak out, you get relieved. Kindly tell him or her about how you feel of his or her character and tell why he or she must change. If you do it with intimacy and total confidence, trust me there will be a change.
  • Bring new ideas; now that you have talked about them, bring new ideas of how you can help him or her about forgetting and killing the addictions of the previous characters that hurt you more.
  • Discuss about during good time; when she or he is in total control of you or your feelings, introduce new suggested ideas and characters, how you want him or her to behave and how it is important in your relationship. This should be talked about during time of romance when feeling each other at the climax.
  • Give him/her much time; do not rush because he/she cannot avoid and forget those characters in an overnight. Give in much time to make up the mind. This will help in learning of how to cope up with the new suggested ideas.
  • Understand why she/he does it; some people behave badly or well depending on what happened to them and so we cannot just judge them without knowing their whys. Before you think of changing him/her, understand why she/he does it. This will help you in finding a way of how best you can approach the matter.
  • Get involved together in the new ideas; she or he has accepted the new ideas, it is time to get involved together. Help him or her in the process of learning new characters to show how supportive you are.
  • Join a club; join any new social activity that will synchronize your minds together as this will help you in forgetting the previous characters.
  • Enjoy the new character; because you introduced a new character or idea enjoy together, make it worthwhile.

Tips above can help you to properly change your partner’s bad characters without fights and quarrels. Practice and follow them always and observe the effect. Liked the tips, consider sharing and reacting. Tell us how you feel about them in the comment section below.


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