8 games to pray with your partner

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After falling in love with a right person, we struggle to maintain and keep a reasonable relationship. Sometimes we forget simple things that strengthen love. Most of us we think money solves all problems but believe people who love us truly, they do not do so because of our money, fame or victory, but because they mean and they give in from the bottom of their heart.

Did you know the games to pray with your partner if you want to grow your relationship? Bahati has selected eight games that you should try.

  1. LUDO; Ludo is a common game in African countries and most of the countries legally accept it to people above eighteen years. In your free time, try to play #Ludo together with your partner. Let it be lovely match and should be between you and your partner only.
  2. PUZZLE; This game is so common to brained people as it is too hard. However, it is the simplest game to play if you Google it. Spare time together with your partner and play #puzzle game. It helps to synchronize your brain and think about what can help your relationship to grow stronger.
  3. CHESS, This game is commonly played in Japan. However, it is a good game. Doesn’t involve many people which make a good time for two lovers to concentrate. #chess will help you understand the intelligence of your partner and during the game, you can talk about hardships you find in your relationships and how to fix them.
  4. Hide and Find me: if you are just starting a relationship and you do not have a big family, this game is too perfect for you. One partner hides and the other finds him or her, it is better you play it at night or evening time when your minds are all together thinking about romance. #Hideandfindme game stimulates romantic feelings and sexual excitement in a relationship as a result, tightening the bonds.
  5. Draft; This is not common now days but it is a better one for couples. #draft synchronizes your minds and the mind thinks about the game, it creates room for building trust and faithfulness in a relationship.
  6. Matatu; this is among the most popular played game in the world. Get sometimes and play this game. #matatu game is best played on the bed if you want to get the best results. This game helps in appreciating the beauty of your partner, it should be a romantic game and you should not play to win but to entertain your partner.
  7. Pool; pool is commonly played in bars, clubs and restaurant or hotels but you can install one in your home. After supper or before bed, you should pray at least two games. #pool brings romance and by the time you finish it (game), everything becomes steady fast.
  8. Water spray; this game is mostly played in movies. #water spray game is the most perfect game for couples; it makes you wet which forces you to cuddle around your partner as a result, increasing romance and sexual excitement and intimacy.

There are more games you can play as a couple to strengthen your relationship and the love in between. However, you should be careful as most people when they lose, they change moods which may kill romance during that time.

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