Am I good enough- the untold story

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Sandra had a competition of racing. Despite the fact that she had  practiced for a year, she didn’t trust herself and she could question herself whether she could win. One time while climbing down the hill, she met with a friend and she told her after stopping.

“I’m scared I may not win the competition and become the champion, in fact it was my dream, to have practice for a year getting prepared for these competitions. Now I think I can’t make it, I am so worried” Sandra said.

Barbra, a friend, told her, ” It’s just a thinking that you can’t win but you haven’t seen who your competitors are and you are not sure what they are thinking of too”. Right?” She later asked.

“You’re right,” Sandra responded. She continued with the ride and finally reached home very happy.

Now what was disturbing Sandra, was a question that she asked herself inside ” am I good enough? Really can I win the competition?

Surprisingly she won the competition and her dream came true. It also applies to everyone who thinks of starting something, yes you are afraid if you are good enough for what you are going to commence with and that’s a good idea to think first about something before you attempt it.

You are not good enough to start something new because you are not sure of what the output will be at the end. And it’s a very good question one should ask herself before starting something. Why? Because the answers you get help you In making clear positive action plans. But because you are not good enough, doesn’t mean you should quit, you are what you love. And you can begin with a fearing heart but as you dive in, you will be motivated, get motivated, inspired and finally yes you are good enough to do everything you love, you are good enough to achieve your goals, your dreams and objectives. Follow the steps below to see how you can make them happen:

Believe. Yes if you believe in yourself and what you do, that indicates a step towards your success. However believing only won’t make the world stop rotating, you should face up your head and get prepared for the challenges that will come in.

Get determined. Nothing is impossible  but if you are not determined, everything is impossible.You should have determination in your heart and love your goals.

Be patient. Nothing pays like patience but it pays nothing if you just sit and Wait for patience to do miracles. Being patient means working hard, being faithful and being answerable to your questions that you put in your mind.

The above steps above can help you make it happen. So what’s the answer to our question, yes you are good enough to start, you are good enough for your decision, and your goals can come true.

“The questions we ask ourselves like, really can I? , what,how and why have an impact on our determination and persistence, as most times we may quit and give up. You should not allow questions to challenge you”.

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