Go up and never stop the ultimate guide for happiness

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Like racing 100 metres and you fail just in the start, what do you do next? Do you remain on the ground or what do you think at the moment, that your competitors have won, right? Yes it is but if you don’t finish to the end point, they won’t count you among the athletes and that’s why you start thinking and wishing you had got up and started up.

That is how life is. When life goes the way we didn’t expect it to, we get negative thoughts from our minds and we quite indefinitely do what we had already planned. Yes there is no method to estimate when it will happen and how to overcome it, it just happens but what do you do next after?

Many billionaires you see in this world, successful business men and influential leaders have had Downfalls in the start but what made them make it is standing again and never losing hope. “What you think is what you become” but you can become what you want even when you didn’t think of it. It will take you steps. I know that may be difficult but don’t care if failing has never been for you only. I had failed several years and many things but I was able to get up and start from where I failed. “Never allow failure outweighing your goals because failing is the first attempt in learning and once you know why you failed, and change the reasons you analyze, you can overwhelmingly win” 

We have big companies now that started with one employee and one shareholder but now, they have several employees and shareholders.

It means whenever we get down, we should get up and never lose hope, just put it in mind that you didn’t even fail but you tried. The world loves people who don’t quit. That is when all your dreams, goals and passion comes true. Do not get worried of any result in the beginning, focus on what you are doing, love it and work hard with faith , at the end, you will make it,

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