If not now, when. The untold truth

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One thing we forget in life is appreciating what we have rather than seeking for what we want. Have you ever been in a state of confusion? Not because you lack what to do or how to do it but when to do it? I know it has happened to you as it happened to me one time. You want to be rich, you want to achieve all your dreams and you want to become successful in everything . You have imagined what you want to become and maybe you have told your friends how much you want to make it happen right?


The question is when if not now? It’s so with humans that we can visualize the things we want to be and we wait for other people to push us or support us. “ No one will help you or force you to learn if you don’t want but if you are determined to learn, no one has the power to stop you ” it’s quoted well and true. You can become what you want to be if you stop asking yourself these questions: ” how can I make it?”, How to get there?. Those questions will keep you stuck and what you have to do is to focus. Why do you wait to do it because it doesn’t have any simplicity whether you do it today or tomorrow. What is best, is to start now and make it happen.


Some days it will be so frustrating and disappointing, you will think of quieting  especially in the beginning when everything is a mess but don’t worry, whoever has succeeded, has gone through that. You can’t produce before being pregnant and you can’t get there while just sitting in one place. Success is in your hands, it just needs you to start now, facing difficulties and challenges, afterrole they will make you wise and give you experience. However, never forget what they taught. Maybe you are worried about what, why and how? It’s with everyone, not only you. treat your goals as you would treat your children, start acting today than expecting to start another day. Because if not today when? Yes it shines every day differently.

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