You have the pains inside but you can’t heal them? Here is a 1,2,3 solution for you.

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Have you been wondering where to get motivations, for your lost happiness and emotional pains, motivation quotes and blogs tend to work best but practically you need to be inspired.  Read this life hack to help you heal the pain inside your broken heart, if doesn’t help you, try to see a physical therapist. or Contact me for a one on one physical talk.

Sometimes people around us can only see physical pains that we are feeling, not our emotional pain because physical pains leave a spot, scars and evidence that they happened. But emotional pains only leave internal wounds and pains that others may not be able to know but only you yourself. These pains may happen due to depression, lack of determination, confidence, broken hearted, divorce or due to happenings of unexpected things in our lives for example deaths of our beloved ones, acquaintance of unhealed diseases and many others.


These types of wounds are the hardest to deal with or relieve. It’s a pain because the majority cannot see them or quickly realize we are hurt and suffering. They are just like other wounds and can be healed through the process. It can take weeks, months or even years but which is the most important, are they healed? If you have emotional pains, here is the process to heal them.


  1. Accept. Accept that it has happened. I know it could be difficult to accept that something has happened in your life especially divorce, betrayal from our loved ones or anything terrible but the easiest way to heal them is by accepting that it has happened and it’s irreversible. This will help you gain confidence and trust in you again.


  1. Forget. After accepting, the second step is to forget what has happened in your life and let it go. Once you are able to forget, your emotional pains will be relieved and you’ll gain consciousness and prepare you for the next phase of life.


  1. Cry a lot. Maybe you have tried to forget unforgettable things or matter. Cry as much as you can for an hour. This will help you relieve the pain from your heart because tears have the positive impact they perform in relieving pains especially the emotional ones.


  1. Forgive. Forgive yourself and others. Forgive those who brought those emotional pains to you. If you forgive them, it will help you not to avenge. Forgiveness is a sign of healing and you should be strong enough to forgive them with all your heart.


  1. Learn. Bad experiences give us lessons to learn. Yes, forget and forgive them but learn how they contributed to your suffering. This will prepare you for the next preparation in your relationship or in the next phase of your life. Whatever situation comes in your life, happens for a reason and thus you have to learn from them to avoid repetition.

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  1. Move on. Now you have learnt something from what happened to you and you’re ready for the next phase of living so move on and find a new life but don’t easily accept it. Try to relate it to the previous life and the state you were in then accept new life if you observe the difference between the old and this previous phase of life you have just found.


If that can’t help you relieve the pain you have, especially the emotional pains, better to talk to a physical therapist or counselor , they should be able to help you relieve the pain you have because emotional pains are so destructive and may affect your health both physically, spiritually and mentally.


And research shows that people with inner pains are so dangerous as you cannot understand what they are thinking of and this may lead them into temptations or the anxiety to hurt others because they want revenge.


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