Scientific advantages of parents-child relationship

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Scientific advantages of parents-child relationship

Did you know the scientific advantages of parent-child relationship (PCR) are you interacting with your children or you don’t mind about them anymore because you think they are stubborn and ridiculous?

We have collected seven scientific advantages of parents-child relationship.

Before going to the point, parent-child relationship is where the two biological parents of a child are living together with their children. It’s not a single parent relationship despite they might sound similar.

This article is useful even to single parents and to those without children but they one planning to have them shortly or in the future.

  • Grows health;

Parent-child relationship where a mother and a father are living together socializing and interacting with a child improves health of the children. This has been proven by behaviors; such parents can easily identify the health a situation of a child, seek for medication from professional people or in Africa, some traditional use herbalists.

This helps in boosting the immune systems of the child and can be in position to fight some weak pathogens and diseases in the body.

Parents can easily monitor the child’s weakness, instabilities and contributes a good way to raise a happy child.

  • Grows faster ;


Because they are growing health and happy, their bodies have a boosted immune system nutrients and high assimilation rate (AR); where digested nutrients can easily be absorbed into the body, tissues fluids and have a good metabolic rate because of energy obtained from oxidation of food. These supply efficient nutrients to the growing parts of the body, for increased growth and development especially the brain, whole body, pituitary glands faster compared to one living with a single parent because such services might be absent and sometimes it can cause autism.


  • Easy monitoring;

Parents staying together with their children can easily observe and monitor them. This is difficult to single – mother or father who have to deal with other responsibilities that may not create time for him/her to monitor and observe the children in a more accepted way.


  • Adaptability;

Children can easily adapt to situation or new environment where there is parent –child relationship. This is very important in aspects of health where it improve children’s survival to situation that might be pandemic/irritating.


  • Improved I.Q;

Parent’s-child relation (PCR) is a very essential contribution to children’s IQ (intelligent-quotient). This is the rate ability of how a child or human being understands something so if you understand something easily, you are likely to have a high i.q and vice versa. Now leaving it apart, PCR boosts and improves IQ of the child. This is so true that child’s brain easily picks and interprets a different message from both parents and if you really love your children so much and they also do it the some, interact with them and allow them to copy from you,(your children are likely to be like you in terms of IQ despite the environmental contributions


  • Social behavior;

Scientist claim that social behavior in children is as a result of parents staying together with their children, what they do, how they do and the environment they live in. it’s so proven that these with PCR .this is because the children’s brain learns of how to coordinate with the mother and the father and their environment, in the process, the child is developing a more centric way of social behaving in the community.


  • Passive adaptations;

Children can easily adapt to passive adaptations in the environment. This is essential in boosting child’s learning behavior which in return improves the I.Q of the child Single parents are facing challenges.

So it is vital for both parents to stay together with their children to benefit them with health functions, social behavior and learning new things. Of raising a health child despite some tries and manages.


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