When I left school, I thought my world has ended- Ruth Kobush

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Today the story coming up on my website is from an Ethiopian woman Ruth Kobush an entrepreneur and founder of the Ruth Kobush beauty salon, a recognized brand in Ethiopia employing more than 20 ladies.

Here she narrates her life story.

I was born in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa in 1992. During that time, education was difficult. It was expensive for a girl of 12 years who had lost parents in an accident to attain education.

Life was difficult on my side, I had become a street child at the age of sixteen years, had my little sister to look after and my relatives were not such supporting so in 2008, when I had reached sixteen years, I started looking for employments in the town, I could go to rich houses and ask for home duties like laundry work, cooking for them and cleaning the compound. I was surviving like that, the little money I could get; I would save them because I had a goal of starting my own business.

During evening time, used to go back at 5:00PM to an old woman who had given us a room to stay in until we get some money to pay rent for ourselves.

After a period of three months, I bought a phone and people could call me for my services and started charging them a bit expensive because I was on demand by then. I got money and started paying for my rent, buying clothes for my sister who was by then turning 12 years old.

The thing I won’t forget in my life is how I went to a rich home and an old man of either 36 years of age and by then I was eighteen years. I was too broke, so when I knocked, he opened the gate and welcomed me inside his house, I told him about my services and he gave me a job. After, he openly asked me for sex with him, it made me to think about it but I had no option because he had locked the gate and nobody could hear my shout. He came close to me, romanced me and he promised to give me $250 for both my services and if I could spend a night there.

I accepted and he bought me goods like edibles, gifts to take to my sister, I knew what I was doing was not right but had no option other than that.

Rushed back home, gave my little sister what to eat, some money and orders. When I came back, I found the man ready for me, he served me with food and drinks, watched TV together and those were new things in my life.

It was my first time to do sex and at night, he tried until he broke my virginity, felt pain but he took me to the hospital and paid for my treatment and gave me my money I worked for. I cried to the lord to forgive me despite I had become weak for a full week and not even working, so I got tensed. He called me one night for more sex that he will increase my money, I went there four nights and my body had become used of him.

I got $1000 and invested in a salon because naturally I knew those things of the salon, he further invested in me $500 to develop my business and he had become my sugar daddy. My life started changing, bought equipments, house contents and he paid for my rent for a period of two years.

Sometime, he could visit me at my house that I was renting and stays over. Surprisingly, my little sister could call him uncle. God was on my side; my salon started making some money because most clients knew about my story so they supported me by purchasing my services. In 2014, he impregnated because we had become totally lovers but not staying together and the fact that I was eighteen years by the time he had started using me, so when I narrated my story to old people, they  said I should accept him because I am a mature woman.

He made me to forget my suffering days; of sleeping hungry, sleeping poorly-on old mattresses in slums and he educated my little sister. After producing a baby girl, he didn’t marry me, he married another woman in 2016 but he cares about my child and I am very happy with life. Sometimes situations make us to do evil things because we see evil things being the only option.

Yeah, my salon is now big with 16 branches across the country and my baby girl is health and my sister had just completed her medicine course. I employ more than twenty ladies and I hope to start a charity foundation to support young mothers and vulnerable children because I understand such a life. I am not yet married but I have someone I date and maybe we shall tie the knot if God wishes. I am a born again and most times I fast and repent for my sins.

That has been Ruth Kobush story, get lessons from the story. Life is not easy for a street child especially for the girls, they end up sleeping with old men for money, and sometimes they get diseases like HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies and so many challenges.

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4 thoughts on “When I left school, I thought my world has ended- Ruth Kobush”

  1. Life should be like that, we live by our decisions and choices but some times life doesn’t come the way we expect it to be so my friend i do not blame you for what you did and what you passed through. If you have God, he will forgive you

  2. This a remarkeable website and i appreciate the content on the website, meanwhile, regarding the story, i will not judge you and i am very happy that you had a dream you were chasing and indifinetely you achieved your dream and also the idea of starting up a charity foundation is good

  3. This is a wonderful story indeed that have read and got inspired of it. Please i do not judge you wrong or doubt you for what you did because in life we expect such things to happen and that is a lesson for other people who undermines jobs.

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