Cook these Three  kinds of food and will teach you a life lesson. 1 hack life



Do you know that among what we always cook at home teaches us lessons? It has taken me several times to come up with this observation and I would like you to try out at your home kitchen and tell me your observations.


What you need?

 In this experiment, we are going to use the following materials, get 2 pieces of Irish potato, get one egg, coffee beans,cooking materials and an eye of mind to observe. 

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What can you observe before cooking begins? We can observe that all the specimens are fresh, hard and turgid. Now continue and cook them separately. understand? Use a relatively same temperature.


What we can observe.

We can observe that after cooking our specimens, an egg which was soft inside became hard inside, coffee beans were hard and neither did change? They only changed the color, and our potato which was hard became so soft. 

My Conclusion and meaning.


In life., choose what you are, we have people who are like coffee beans, these people are the strongest ones. When conditions change and become hard, they only change color, not their whole being, here in life color means plans, when life gets hard moments, change your plans not yourself. And also we have those people like potatoes and eggs. Once the condition changes, they change themselves and become easily eaten by man. These people will change completely when life gets hard and eventually, they will give up on their dreams and goals. They are easily overtaken by others and they keep complaining about how everything never moves in their lives.


Yes we can’t be strong all the time, we have our weakness and we can’t escape that but think if you let your life crumble, will it be of benefit to you and the community? Hope it’s no, we should do our role no Matter how the situation gets harder and harder, don’t ignore any step in your life, everything begins with one step and at the end, we make and count millions of steps, 

You are the true master planner of your life, your goals and your objectives, without your hard work, no one will be motivated to help you out but if you show interest, people will be motivated to help you and you will make it”.

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When you read amazing posts, you should not sit and feel the motivations, in fact means you need to recite and meditate about them. Like how these cooked foods teach us a lesson, instead of sitting back and regret, change the attitude and focus on your dreams, your goals and your motivation towards achieving destination. Cook now

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