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I have constantly following great donors concerning their donations to charity organizations for the past years, in my findings, most of the donors are not sure whether their donations are used as of the project proposal.

Any charity organization or foundation depend on donors to meet their goals. For example Bahati Cahrity Trust have a campaign of constructing an orphanage home in Bugiri  to cater for orphans and street children in Bugiri district. However, they do not have enough fund. If you donate, you are helping in raising the funds needed of $45000. 

Street Children in Bugiri who needs Donation

If you are a good donor, you should follow the project by surveying or contacting the charity organization. Most Charity Organizations create campaigns that fetches more attention  hence receiving more funds than expected or proposed.

It is not a case if a donor asks for the evidence of the project the organization proposed  to put in practice. This should be done in a good psycological way for example, you can write an email to them.

“I am pleased that your campaign was successful and within few days, have reached it’s goals and i am very sure great donors would like to know what the next step is. Have you so far finished the project?”

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The mail looks professional  and they should respond to you believe me.

As a donor, you have the right to follow if your donations are used accordingly and a good charity organization should provide accurate information to it’s donors over the project trends.

Bahati Charity Trust records donations raised over a given project and sends a copy of proof to every one who contibutes towards the proposal. This is done to create transparency between donors and organization.

If a project is not fulfilled, a notification is posted on social media so that donors are kept informed.

Forgot this? I was rushing; Donations makes Organization’s services running more smoother. DONATE NOW and cause smiles to street children in Uganda. USD45000 is needed to set up and orphanage centre in Bugiri.

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