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It has been reported that teenage pregnancy is ever increasing especially in Africa is one of the most cases of child abuse. Who is responsible?

We are very certain that a girl can conceive right from eleven years depending on her hormonal nature.

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Is teenage pregnancy a child abuse? Absolutely it is whoever abuses a girl in such an act,  who are below 17 years of age  have abused  a girl child  and is defilement case  according to the laws of Uganda and most Countries .

Old men and youths have been observed abusing a girl child. They give them incentives like money, clothe, phones and so many others with the aim of sleeping with them.

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Drastically, others leave their wives and go for young girls and what happens after? They impregnate them and leave them suffer. That is why single mothers are ever increasing in Africa by 2.3% every month.

Parents have also ignored their responsibilities; children now look for their needs that is where they meet stone hearted  men who impregnates and dump them in a wield world.

Act to stop child abuse, support children from your society  and let us together fight such that young mothers of Uganda and Africa and in the entire world are minimized.

Report child abuse  to the responsible Organizations especially the police or Ugandans Call 116 Sauti for children Uganda. Also you can report to Bahati Charity Trust  we are a foundation that fights against child abuse and elevates lives of unpreviledged   , we believe  “a happy child is a health child” let us stop child labour  where children work to get scholastic materials .

Consider donating  to support children go back to school.

Teenage pregnancy is a child abuse. Others say go in for sex with old men by themselves  and i doubt men forces psycologically, what is your say about this.



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