Romantic 10 messages to bring back her mood in 2021

romantic messages
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Romantic messages

My mentor told me “there is a difference between an open door and a closed door of the same house”. I didn’t get it by then.

Then later i got an answer; in an open door, you become a ware that the owner may exist and a closed door, you may not know whether they are inside or not. So it is in a relationship, you may think couples are happy because they live together yet they are not. Have your partner lost moods for you, you tried several tricks but nothing at all? Have selectively made ten romantic messages to bring back the lost moods

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  1. You are beautiful and strong; you are in ten thousandBelieve me, it will encourage her.A text romantic message carries more sense especially when it is sent at the right time. Tell her how she is beautiful and strong and she is the one in millions. You can send her this text when she has achieved something or when she is too broken.
  2. Honey is sweet but not sweeter than your love and care;  have she done something for you? Appreciate her through a text message. Have you been making love or she has satisfied you, get a phone and send her this text and wait for the reaction.
  3. I will not go weak any i’m with you because you are my vitamins and energizer; Hug her tightly, romance her  and kiss her for a minute; then look straight into her eyes, tell her this or you can write it on a sheet and give her to read. The text will tell her thousand words and she will see reasons why you need her so much. Don’t be boring; after telling, you can carry her such that you bring excitement back.
  4. Through you, i had predicted my future right because you are my mirror: Have you achieved something together? It might be a goal, job promotion or something else. Appreciate her effort through texting her how she is your mirror. She will endurely love and trust you million miles.
  5. Many women are good wives, but you are the best of them all; Is she feeling broken of a certain matter or she is not feeling well with you? Engage in her minds through physical talk, ask her what the matter is , give her time to express herself  and then after a moment text her.
  6. I wish i was a king, then the whole throne would belong to you; but again, nothing is more precious than my heart which belongs to you alone;  have she lost her mood  because of hard situations or financial problems? tell her about your plans for her when all is done, let her feel you then send her a message of how precious is your heart which you had given her alone and of how you wish to give her many good things if you would have them.
  7. Every moment i want to sleep, i want to sleep with you, each moment i want to eat, i want to eat with you and each moment i want to cry, i want to be near you, you are all my pleasure;  this text will tell her how much you need her and how you feel proud when you are doing everything together. Believe me  she will open her heart for you and the lost moods will reappear in your relationship.
  8. I no longer go for parties, because you alone, you are my party; Just a small text like this will pinch more in her minds, miss an important party and then send her this text, in fact it will open her minds to let you in fully and the lost moods will come back.
  9. You hugged me and all my worries disappeared, you kissed me and my sight fade up, i no longer see any woman but you, so be with me and the whole world will belong to us; The text shows how precious she is in your life and how much you can achieve when you are together. It will give her reasons to stay with you and the lost moods will resume.
  10. I no longer see darkness in our house because you are shiny as the sun; appreciate her beauty by sending her this romantic message. Do it at night when you are not together . May be when you are in the dinning room when she is in bedroom or somewhere but not together. Believe me she will year for you and every time she will be thinking of you.

Don’t be too boring to kill her moods for you, always try new tricks  to entertain her, care about her, render her positive support and make her achieve her goals. Tell her million reasons why you chose her from the rest and why you love her every now and then.

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