What makes Soft Hostings a 1 best unlimited website hosting and domain registrar company in Africa?

unlimited website hosting

Soft Hostings is unlimited web hosting company and domain name registrar service provider. The company is established in Uganda with servers in UK, USA and India. The company is a brand new but it has out competed the biggest brands in the industrial sector across the globe.

What makes Soft Hostings the best in website hosting and why you should choose it to power your website and for registering your domain names? Depending on more than 30000+ positive reviews I have read about them, I strongly recommend you because of the following reasons;

1. Cheapest: despite the hosting service providers that give a one dollar hosting plan per month, Soft Hostings provides the cheapest unlimited website hosting at only $1.99/month, unlimited websites and sub-domains, unlimited domains and premium site builders to start with. This proves their goal statement “Enabling small businesses to compete in the world market using online technology, making them achieve their digital goals”. Not only website hosting but also domain name registration at only $5.00 applied to all domain extensions which you can’t find from other hosting providers and domain registrars in the world.

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2. Instant 24/7 support; they provide instant 24/7 support to their clients regardless of the plan. You do not have to worry about technical support. They are online 24/7 responding to inquiries from their clients. Simply you can open a ticket by emailing [email protected] Other hosting providers respond within 20-37 minutes or even beyond making you consume more data.

3. Advanced technology; Soft Hostings is the only hosting company in Africa and in Uganda which accepts payments using mobile money technology and USSD merchant payment using mobile money in Uganda and supporting ten African countries. This makes it more convenient to clients to renew their services using mobile money technology across all networks in the ten accepted African countries. Also Soft Hostings is the only Hosting company in Uganda offering SSD (Solid State Disc) storage to clients which is considered more expensive in the world. Globally, it is among the few thousands that offer unlimited SSD storage to clients at a cheaper price over millions of hosting providers in the world. No company in Africa has yet claimed this offer expect Soft Hostings.

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4. Qualified technical staff; Soft Hostings prides employing more than 50 qualified technical staff team responding to support inquiries and giving alternative services like website designing and developing, application developing and marketing, software developing, logo and graphic designing and internet services locally in Uganda in partnership with superior café.

5. Maximum account security; Soft Hostings requires every client to sign up for OTP (One Time Password) that most providers do not provide to their clients; like Godaddy, Soft Hostings provides customer pin (4 digit codes) which a client must provide each time during log in and seeking online support. This is in order to protect their client’s website from hackers who try several ways of hacking websites they do not own.

6. Great offers and discounts; they give 25% discount on website designing and developing fee and 2 months off on first year of website hosting in all plans for an annual subscription if you use coupon code SH2OFF. Most hosting providers don’t provide this. This great offer has enabled them to register 1800 domains within 2 years of existence.

7. No price hikes; they are not like other companies that hikes higher prices every time. There renewal prices are the same every year and what a good thing! They give 13 days’ free if your service expires. Almost all hosting providers suspend websites and domains after 4 days of expiring,

Right now, Soft Hosting LTD has registered 18000 domains and hosts more than 20000 websites across the globe. I strongly recommend you to host your website with them and registering your domain. Claim 50% discount on pro plan here

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