10 things you must have for a successful life



Life is a one man struggle. What you get in life is upon how you decide to live your life. Have you been wondering how you can make a successful life? Whether you are still young, very soon you will become mature and you will find yourself making your own life.

Sometimes life and situations harden not because we are doing wrong but because it has to be like that. Bahati Asher once said “Regardless of how hurt you may be, there is that moment for happiness when it is over”

However, how can you make a successful life? Today I have come up with ten qualities or things you must have for a successful life;

  1. Trustworthy; this is what most people lack. The world needs people who are trustworthy, that everyone can trust. Remember the world is free but people make it a playing ground. Be trustworthy to everyone, you will find more easily and people will respect you. You don’t need to be a corny man that people cannot trust. Always find yourself and lay yourself on truth then you will be successful.
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  3. Discipline; there is a difference between discipline and behavior though they seem to be the same. Discipline most times it is innate and behavior is learnt. Always have discipline because “discipline is the key to success”. People with good discipline are respected and they respect everyone, they can understand what is right, what to speak, when and why to speak. Their words always carry no regret that is why discipline makes silence and silence brings respect. You cannot fail in this life when you are disciplined enough. Have discipline, learn to respond and to respect people in the community regardless of their ages and you will always find success being easier in your life.
  4. Faith; are you faithful? Faith gives wisdom and knowledge. Always be a faithful man whether to your parents, bosses, partners or friends you must keep it living because if you are faithful, people will always trust you and they will always listen to you.
  5. Patience;” patience pains but pays a lot” philosopher’s word. Always be patient to everything because not all things in life will come soon as you expect, they will always take long time and patience will place you closer to God and you will always avoid temptations, evil things because patience gives hope and hope doesn’t disappoint.
  6. Love; “love wins every battle, yet it carries no weapon” Bahati Asher. Love yourself, your neighbors, your friends and the world. People with love are always successful in life because they are helping, caring and shares with everyone. You should not only have love for people who matters to you a lot but love for everyone then you will see how successful will be more easier in your life.
  7. Divine; you cannot succeed in life without GOD. Always put your trust in GOD first, embrace divinity in your life because fearing GOD brings wisdom and knowledge. Have divine in your life and you will always succeed because we have plans but God has the provisions.
  8. Knowledge and Wisdom; this is so important in life, always seek knowledge and wisdom. These will help you on how you can understand and interpret the world. Wisdom will give you proper plans, they will give you attitude. You cannot fail or face difficulties in life if you have knowledge and wisdom.
  9. Courage; be courageous enough towards every plan, every challenge or to every situation. Courageous people always reach their destinations. Courage will make you successful in life. Those who lack courage always fail in life because courage is the second master pillar after determination.
  10. Determination; Bahati Asher addressed this in 2018, when speaking at a dinner given to his honor at Continental Hotel, , he said “ The amount of things you get in life, depends on the amount of determination you had, I used to have maximum determinations towards my goals and that’s why I am here”. You should be always determined enough in life and you will always succeed.
  11. Justice; weak people win battles if justice is applied. Have justice in your heart, in your life and you will always find it more easier to succeed in life.


If you understand who you are , then you can understand what you can do best in who you are  that will lead you to success because the true way to succeed in life is to understand who you are and what you can do best in who you’re . Start doing what you are meant to do that you can do best than trying what you need or what we want to become. Never give up and don’t lose hope on everything always ask yourself  ‘if not me, then who? If it is not now, when? And if now, how?




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