3 best ways to kill off the negativities in your life this year

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3 best ways to kill off the negativities in your life this year

Negativity in life can never be avoided. People face negativity in every way of life whether you are doing everything with total care or not. Really negativism hurt more especially when you lean on the walls facing up-sky thinking this and that!

I remember when I was still a kid at school, had dreamed of becoming so many things in life. My dad always wanted me to be a medical officer but it wasn’t my dream so it was also my negativity because I was doing what wasn’t in love with.

Sometimes we experience negativities in life not because we are weak but because they have to happen. But before I can clearly show you how we can figure them out, there is something you are forgetting about, life will never be the same every day. Are you prepared for the change?

Anyway, what causes negativities in life?

Some negativity is natural and others we create them. Depending on our relationships, families and the environment we live in may contribute to this negativism.

But it is our concern to control and rule our lives. When we are broken hearted, when we are depressed or feeling over betrayed, we grant the negativity thinking in our thoughts. Regretting why we allowed them in our lives, how they happened due to wrong choices and decisions and sometimes we end up living a continuous miserable life. But remember nothing you can do with your past but you can decide how your future should be. Not deciding today but right now after this post, grab a coffee and sheet of paper and a pen, write these questions down;

  • Why is everything like this?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Am I doing the right thing at the right time?

When you get the answers, then this is for you, if you haven’t yet answered, consider contacting me.

The most cause of negativity in life is relationships we make. Sometimes we get new relationships when we are not ready for them. Then we allow these relationships to take our whole life and change our goals. When I first fell in life, it was negativity because I became too weak to live without love until when I lost love. People we allow in our lives can help us build our goals or break them in pieces; they can show us our values of life or blind us forever. Another cause of negativity is neglecting. We have neglected God and faith in everything. We are trusting human being so much more than we trust God. At the end, these people broke our trust and completely we don’t trust anyone. Before making a relationship, know of what values it is towards your life. What impacts does it have on your goals and objectives and what are the limitations. No one will help you realize your weaknesses, until when you look in the mirror and know your worth.

So then how can we solve these negativities?

Every challenge must have a solution later or earlier and so we can also apply these 3 best ways to solve negativities in life.

  1. Relationships; make good relationships in your life. Wherever you go, you will find beautiful people who are purely different but they won’t be all good for you and won’t be yours. What matters, is how you choose to live with them and understanding the impact they can contribute on your life. It has been observed that people change because of people not the world. When we socialize with bad people and open relationships with them, believe me you will always find negativity and you will be solving odds in life instead of making things better each passing time. When you make bad relationships, say in love, at business, work place or everywhere, then you will have to face these challenges because they can’t trust you and will always blame you instead of encouraging you, they will always undermine your ideas.
  2. Understand who you are; what do you want to achieve or become and what are you doing now? When we force things in life because we want to please others, we end up hurting ourselves and making others happy. Stop it now! Do what you love most and you will never find difficulties in life. Whatever you start, make sure you finish it, learn from it and gain experiences; do not wait others to tell you what to do, because you know yourself better than others. Love your dream and goals and believe they will come true one day, make yourself your best friend before others and then you will never faith difficulties in life.
  3. Have faith and patience. Patience pains but pays a lot. I know even now you have something you started which you haven’t finished; I can see imaginations in your life when everything is moving the right way in your life. When financial problems exist no more. Yes have faith and patience then you will have no negativity. Whenever you lack patience and faith, you won’t be satisfied with what you have that others are missing. When I was starting my online business, had no customer but had believed they are waiting for me and so I found them for my products and services. Faith and patience will make you not to worry about what you do not have, but will allow you pass through temptations that cause negativities in life. Lastly put God first in everything and then you will be a winner.

Challenges are what makes you stronger enough, do not run away from them but rather create solutions for them, do not allow negativity in your thinking rather start doing what you have to do. The world is big enough for everyone to win his plans and will never put a limit on you but you yourself you will limit your life.

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