Essential life tips and quotes to motivate you when you are down in 2021

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Essential life tips and quotes to motivate you when you are down in 2021


Have you lost motivation? Don’t worry, Bahati’s mission is to cause smiles in the world and today I have collected essential life tips to motivate you, whether you are broken, depressed, and just grab a seat and read this post up to the end.

Why do I do this? 5/10 people are suffering and depressed because they can’t afford hiring life coaches and mentors so I hope that giving them life tips and quotes may motivate them.

“Everyday make one person to smile, you never know it is your smile that gives him peace, freedom and motivations to move forward” Bahati Asher

Yes, it is true, when we pass around people, we can find that they are broken, depressed so we have to make them smile once again by giving them gifts, greetings or even supporting them socially and economically if observed as a need. You need to be kind to strangers as you never know you are entertaining the angel.

“If you let a chance to go, you will hardly find it again” Bahati Asher

Chances happen once in a life time. Whatever opportunity you get in life, use it in a proper positive way because if you  don’t,  may be you will need it again  when it has gone,      Don’t  wait for tomorrow when  their  a chance , better take the chance first before other because it goes, you will hardly find it again.

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“What if you sowed seeds at the night time, would you be in scarcity?”Bahati Asher

Sometimes he ignores important things and gives much times to things that can neither help us , at the end he regret wishing he did what was necessary at that time ,so whatever you  do ,do it in the night times and  in the future ,you won’t regret.

“You will get something after giving in something” Bahati Asher

If you want to catch an early bus, you have to wake up earlier than the bus so that it finds you on the way, meaning, you have given in time, to catch the bus and if you want to succeed in life, you have to love and learn to work hard, time yourself and leave other things. So before thinking of how you can get where you want to be, think o what you can give in to get there

“if money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is resources of knowledge, experience and ability” Henry ford

Some of us think that money leads too independence and we spare all our times looking for money. Have you got the money you wanted? Even the richest ones and billionaires are still working. The real security you need in life is the reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.

And then you will be independent because you would have the ability to overcome anything and the knowledge to solve every challenge without money.

“After climbing the hill, we only find that there are many more hills to climb” Nelson Mandela

Yes, if you achieve something that is when you realize how difficult it is to maintain it. So in life, you won’t solve all equations, still you will find that there are more equations to be solved there for a progress.

“Listen and take the words of elders seriously, in the future you won’t regret” Bahati Asher

The eyes of the elders see the highest hills but eyes of young ones cannot. Whatever an elder tells, you take it serious because for them have experienced circumstances long time before you. So if you do how they guide you, you won’t regret in the future.

“Just words are not enough to move a mountain, only actions can do that” Bahati Asher

People are not after what you say but rather what you do; if you only talk without actions then you will be regarded as a mere talker. Always have few words and more actions that is what cause progress in your life.

“Friends are not supposed to use each other for a help, they are supposed to help each other for a purpose” Bahati Asher

Have ever been in a friendship where he could give me something after doing something for him. Then I realized wasn’t friendship, it was labor. If you are really friends, help each other for a purpose. Give and help your friends without asking for a return or labor before.

“Regardless of how painful and hurt you maybe, there is happiness waiting for you when it is over” Unknown

Always never lose hope in life.  Believe that things you dream of shall come true. Situations make us stronger and give us experience to overcome them. So don’t lose hope, never give up, there is happiness when all is over.

The above essential tips and quotes are derived from successful people who have struggled to achieve their goals. They can help you in motivations and inspire you for actions.


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