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`Most of us, we are post time employees making smaller amounts of money that cannot even support our families with all the necessities. Do you get a smaller salary and want to increase your income so that you no longer worry about bills? This centric guide will show you how you can maximize your smaller salary into a big income.

Save: saving is a very important aspect of finance. Let’s assume you get USD 100
as your salary or less; fix your budget and save more than you spend. For example you can save 65% of your salary for for a shorter period of time and use 35%.

As I’m going to show you how. You have saved USD65; do it every month for 3 months, at the end of three months, you have saved USD195; however the forth month salary has come, and this time don’t save it’s time to invest.

Invest: now that you have been saving with an aim; that is to invest; we have now saved USD295 and we want to invest. Despite the figure being smaller, you don’t need six figures to invest, it only requires smart way; invest in something that will bring daily income; this might be any type of smaller business enterprise but what brings a daily income. Let’s assume we want to make to a daily income of USD5 we are going each day to save USDS=5×30=USD150. What next? The smaller salary is still coming and now we are making a monthly income of USD250 from USD100 that we have been getting as our salary

Diversify: we are still with our major aim of growing more figures; in the previous step, we have started a business that’s making a daily income of USD5 as profit. We are not yet successful because we are just saving. So we have another USD250 free.

This time we are going to create another smaller business arm as or diversification out of $250, take away USD100 for home bills/needs that you have been denying.

Let’s use the balance to create another something still with a daily income of USD5 as profit so that every day we are saving USD10 from our two major sources.

Avoid over spending; be smart enough to avoid over spending. We are making USD400. Let’s put off other thing s that is not so essential in life. You can decide to use USD150/ months for home needs so that we have a balance of USD250. We are going to continually save for another four months getting us to USD 1000.

Have a work plan. Now at this step, develop a work plan of making a big venture out of the saved USD1000. We can now target of a business with only two small laptops. It can work for you.

So we are saving daily USD200 giving us a total of USD6000.

Do you still remember? Our first two small businesses are still making us a day the salary for home you can decide to use this one and the salary for home bills and necessities. Make sure your work plan or home expenditure, bills and others doesn’t go beyond USD400 that you have spared.

Join saving Sacco: now that we have started making some large amounts of money [USD6000/month] join a saving Sacco so that your money is securely protect and makes some interest.

Before, we are going to spare some three months to develop our small business so that we use the sandSD18000 to develop the café. This is with the major aim of increasing daily sales to USD 1500/month.

Let’s save all in the saving Sacco for a year.  At the end of the year, we should have saved USD180000 and some interest.

See financial advisor: believe me this is some big money that needs a financial advisor to guide you on how to efficiently make a big business out of it. Financial adviser will help you in drawing plans and how you can manage the multiple ventures you now have any employment. Invest wisely to avoid making losses.

Avoid unimportant loans: because you have enough security, don’t wish to go in to loan. So avoid important loans that may ruin your business.

Go cheap: now that we have successfully used our smaller salary in to something bigger. Don’t change your life style too soon. Go cheap and keep your expenditure low. Don’t rush to buy buildings make a six figure amount per month.

Reduce expenditure: like as we have been doing, the whole salary and other two small business daily profits are used for home bill it’s time we study our expenditure so that we can reduce it.

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