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You Are Enough

Nothing hurts like being betrayed by our loved ones, friends, relatives and work mates. It hurts a lot and leaves us destructive emotionally and physically. When we start living alone when everyone has neglected us, we cry, we feel broken sometimes we hate ourselves and people around us.

Because it is good to have people around you, to have those who love you and care about you. It gives happiness but what if it happens when all have gone and you are just left alone, what do you do, look for other friends or continue in depression? Did you know that people who are single, who usually stay alone are the happiest ones in the world? This is because they don’t get negative surprises when feelings are tortured, I know you understand what I am talking about, right? Despite the fact that they don’t enjoy the social benefits, they are also very happy emotionally.

Scientists say that, “people who are always single, quiet and who lives in cool environment, tend to be more wise than those who are in relationships and ever in noisy environment” yes it can be true but I am not very sure since we can’t experiment it and make a clear observation but out of thinking, we can reason as because no one tortures their emotions and feelings. 

Leaving that aside, if you have been abandoned by your friends, relatives, work mates or any one special in your life has left you, did you know that you are just enough, you can choose to be independent because you are just enough,”no one has the power to push you where you don’t want to and I know you return back if it happens” so it is like that.

We are born when we are enough, what makes us weak is expecting. If you expect others to push you or to lead you to something, to your goals, dreams, it is better you wake up and start acting upon your goals.

You are just enough, don’t wait for someone to push you, try and try, fail several times, cry a lot and be broken a million times but don’t quit, do not forget your purpose in life. What your goals are, how you’re gonna achieve them and at the end you will inspire a million people around you, people will love your service and you will never turn back.

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