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One common thing you are failing to do in your life

Whether you like it or not, you can’t escape difficulties and challenges in life no matter how much you try to figure them out. There is a time when we lose hope and everything seems impossible in our life, that time you realize you have no friends to stand by your side. I remember there was a time I thought, I could not live another day, challenges became my best company, I solved the other one, that one and this one, hope you understand what I am meaning? That time when I was a teen, everything was a try and fail matter, for the fact, it was difficult.

Now I understand you could have gone through that or currently you are experiencing it in your life and you think you can’t withstand them. What is the best answer for that? There is one thing you are failing to do. That thing everyone fails to realize it, and that thing is appreciation.

No matter how much you try to avoid challenges in life, they will happen at no cost and what they cause in life might make you think of impossible things but what I know is, you should accept that they happened. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, teaches us lessons and experiences to those who can realize what the causes were.

You, me and the other one, have been failing to appreciate what we have, rather, thinking of what we can’t afford. Happiness is not all about having everything, it is about accepting and appreciating what you have. Imagine, if we have everything in life, all our desires, would the world balance, who would be the leader and the beggar? Everything, everyone has an impact they contribute to our lives, your enemy, your friends, relatives and any other common man, contributes something to your life, the negative contributions teaches us strength and experience and vice versa.

Today, believe and accept that you can’t have everything you wish for, you can’t escape challenges or difficulties, but how we handle them, what they teach us matters a lot. Stop hunting for everything, start appreciating what you have, always be strong, you never know you are inspiring someone else.

Challenges are what make us what we are and how we move forward with them. Do not imagine things just, act on them, realize the methods and you are on the way to go, you will be a winner and you will smile over them, you will give out speeches that will motivate others and you will be someone happy at the end when everything is done ,  worry is done. It only begins by accepting what you have, loving them and believing in yourself.

I understand, I can’t say everything or write them but I believe you might have passed through challenges, now in the comment box provided below, share with us how you figured them out and what you think of this article. Your feedback helps me and my team to collect data which hold of benefits to our readers and help me improve my services,

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