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About me

About me

Bahati Asher Faith is the founder of Soft Hostings Limited, AppNomu Business Services, Meizon Radio and a software developer and programmer for five years of experience in popular programming languages; React.js, JavaScript, Golang, Python, PHP Laravel and C++.


Born on 5th/04/1998. I am a Christian devotional blogger, writer, and a web developer, web designer and a software engineer. 

Have lived a generous life since my childhood and this has made me build an eminent life structure with many people in my niche. 

Attended programing at UDEMY for three full years, and a mentor for many small business owners in Uganda guiding and mentoring them in business growth using digital tools.


Bahati Asher Faith
Bahati Asher Faith, CEO – AppNomu & Soft Hostings since 2016


Since 2016, have been writing codes and helping students practice codes.​ I understand your business and what it requires to sustain online.


Have experience in React.js. PHP Laravel, Python, Ruby, flutter and JavaScript, C++ and Golang.​ All achieved from UDEMY giving me the full ability to create your needs


We move together from scratch to completion with support over one year maintaining your software as well as giving you extensive support even after completion.​


Get it on your own pace

The budget might be high for startups. However, that doesn’t mean sitting on your business needs, you can get services on credit and you keep paying installments per month for up to six months. Am an entrepreneur for more than five years so I know what it means to get up with the business.


fueled by feedback

To come up with a clear functional system requires feedback from the client, you have the voice to provide your feedback, opinion and suggestions so that you get the most product and customized service to meet your business expectations

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