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Bugiri Municipality Street, Grant street, Uganda

Welcome to are Bahati Asher Ministry

Founded 2 years ago, our devotional  team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – helping you!

Bahati Asher is an evangelist and pastor- teacher at Christ Repentance Church Uganda. He focuses on preaching the word of God and ministering love in the hurting world. When I received salvation, my life changed and because of God’s grace and kindness, He blessed me with His word to His people in the world. I build maximum capacities for people to understand the word of God and Bible through publishing digital publications concerning Christian Life.

Bahati Asher Ministry started in 2017 online where people can request for guides, publications, prayers and devotional materials from our ministry all the time at free cost.


Our website is a centre of knowledge for devotional guides and gospel publications receiving more than thousand daily unique visits and with over 200 000+ registered users from all the over the world. The guides are contributed by volunteer authors of divine from all over the world and these guides have been viewed more than 200 million times and have received thousands of testimonials from the converted believers and follower of Jesus Christ. The website is hosted and maintained by Soft Host Technologies an established international webhosting company.


Our ministry supports vulnerable people, orphans and unprivileged children across Africa through providing them with necessities like clothes, sponsorships in education, health facilities and devotional growth in the Holy Spirit. Using online technology, our ministry reaches more than 34 countries of Africa.

Bahati Asher

Born on 5th/04/1998. I am a Christian devotional blogger, film maker, writer, motivational speaker, life coach and a web developer, web designer and a sales man. I also do Vlogging on YouTube, software developing and creating social economic development in communities.
Have lived a generous life since my childhood and this has made me build an eminent life structure with many people in my niche. You can have whatever you have dreamed about just like how the little Bahati did, I had a stronger dream of being a movie director, evangelist and entrepreneur at the same time so  
I had to work hard to achieve it.

Despite how you feel, I can turn you into a person that you have ever imagined to be, I can turn your depressions into happiness because I feel so proud doing what I can do best that is why over one million people all over the world trust my services and they encircle in my social life and my digital life style.

Bahati Asher Ministry

Our Smiling Team

Working together to spread the love for Christ

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6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thanks for the ministry and we believe in the powers of Jesus Christ through you. Haven’t thought of seeing the lights again but your prayers, devotional guides helped me achieve my best goals of divine

  2. hello I live in America but i appreciate the works of your ministry Bahati may the lord JESUS Christ bless you abundantly in your life and together we shall spread the word of Jesus Christ because he have chosen us to fulfil his command.
    Amen to your family brother bahati

  3. Thanks for this ministry and Pastor Bahati for his amazing works may the lord bless you and your family , you have helped me and my family to recieve real light of the kingdom of God and so many amazing things have happened in my life because of your instant prayers to me and my life.

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    We have actually tried to call you but were unable to reach you.

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