Author: Bahati Asher Faith

Born on 5th/04/1998. I am a Christian devotional blogger, film maker, writer, motivational speaker, life coach and a web developer, web designer and a sales man. I also do vloging on YouTube, software developing and creating social economic development in communities. Have lived a generous life since my childhood and this has made me build an eminent life structure with many people in my niche. You can have whatever you have dreamed about just like how the little Bahati did, i had a stronger dream of being a movie director, evangelist and entrepreneur at the same time so i had to work hard to achieve it. Despite how you feel, i can turn you into a person that you have ever imagined to be, i can turn your depressions into happiness because i feel so proud if i am doing what i can do best that is why over one million people all over the world trust my services and they encircle in my social life and my digital life style.
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