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Bugiri Municipality Street, Grant street, Uganda

  Bahati Asher Ministries form Bahati Charity Trust. 

 Please donate to our charity and help millions of people reach their goals through fulfilling their dreams. 

We build maximum capacities to help people,organisations, churches and communities reach their needs by creating fundamental programmes and causes.   Our Charity trust has a number of several causes to finance and fuel. 

Therefore your donations and support enable us to reach our goals and projects. We have organised several ways of donating to us. You can donate to us directly using Mobile networks in East African Countries. You can send donations to 0775383963 or 0n 0702584049 registered in Baligasima Hamuza   

 Still you can securely send us donations online without leaving our website by means of Credit Card, Master Card or Visa Card in all countries. Our website is very secure and verified by international recognised sites.   

 Thank you for your interest in supporting us. Please fill in the form below to continue with online payments