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Donate for a common goal

Bahati Asher is the founder of Bahati Media Group which incorporates Bahati Charity Trust and Soft Hosting LTD.

We have a common goal of helping little children, orphans, Ministry, young vulnerable mothers and supporting community development in regions of Uganda under Bahati Charity Trust and Our business entity.

How do you support us?

You can us support us financially to accelerate our charity programs.

When you purchase a service of Soft Hostings LTD, you have helped millions of children. As we use our profit to support our charity trust and we also use ad revenues from Google and other ad networks to accelerate our projects.

We have million reasons why we need support from you.

Your support help millions of children across Africa go back to school, street children get home, hungry children get what to eat and what to wear. Vulnerable young mothers get access to resources to benefit their lives improve woman participation in Economic activities as we support them with voluntary working capital and your support.

Therefore, we have no good idea of alluring you into supporting us but we believe together we can stand together to cause positive impacts on the lives of others.




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