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Bahati Asher website terms and conditions

Welcome to Bahati Asher official website. Before you continue enjoying our services and products, I wanted you to read and understand the following terms and conditions governing the use of this website so that you can clearly understand well.

To make it so brief and transparent, have categorized them as herein;

  1. USAGE: You are free to use our services, products and information found on this website whether you have created an account or not. By continuing to use the service, you agree that you will not edit, alter, modify or distribute all the content found on this website manually or digitally without prior written permission. The content include; stories, audio files, articles, quotes and guides and all images or pictures collectively our intellectual properties. Content doesn’t include your personal account like your bio data, profile picture and articles under your account. You will not edit or alter the trademark of Bahati Asher including the brand name, logo and advertisement related materials. This term governs all member whether created an account or not with me on this website.
  2. ACCOUNT; to purchase or book and order any service or product on this website, one must register with me on my website. In the account, you are supposed to use real authentic information, valid email address, profile picture, mobile phone number. As these information help in monitoring, communicating, billing for your ordered services and products. You agree with me to provide accurate information. In case of altering, you are supposed to send a note on email [email protected] . You have full access to your account and you are required to secure your account by not sharing your password and other login credentials with people you do not trust.
  3. SERVICES AND PRODUCTS: You can order, book and purchase services or products found on this website. The services and products may be free and premium. In case of a premium product or service, you are required to read the service and product terms before continuing to place an order. All services will be charged the due prices using electronic payment gateways like Visa, Master card, PayPal and Mobile Money. You agree that the billing information provided during order is accurate and up to date. The amount of money in your order will be deducted from your preferred payment gateway you choose and I shall not read your financial information apart from the names, address and financial card expiry dates as expired cards are never billed. When you choose auto renewals, the due debts will be automatically be deducted from your card whenever the invoice is generated for you. If your financial cards have no sufficient funds, will not be deducted but if you continue with the cart, when you top up or update your card with funds, the system shall deduct the due amount automatically. Mobile lines are not automatically billed, however, a request will be sent on your number and you can authorize payments by inputting in your PIN or secret code. The system doesn’t accept cheque in all the services and products offered through this website. You are free to terminate your order before three days (2 days) and a full refund shall be given to you. In case goes three days, you can still terminate the service/product but no refund shall be given. The services and products are outlined on this website product page and you are required to read and understand service/product’s prescription details before placing an order.
  4. AFFILIATION; on this website, there ads and affiliate links placed in the content. These ads and affiliate links are placed by third parties including Google and other ad network. They always incent you to take an action. You are required to read and understand their terms and conditions, privacy policy before you continue ordering their services and products. Any negative impact obtained from these parties, I am not liable and responsible. I may earn a commission when you purchase items displayed on this website by third parties. However, I am not responsible for the items you buy. Health products you buy from these networks are not supposed to be taken immediately. You are always advised to seek health advice from professional health facilities. The ads placed by Google and other ad networks except internal ads; Google uses technology to display depending on what you always search for. However, you can ignore the ads if irrelevant and Google will never show it again to you.
  5. ADVERTISING; this is a personal website with more than 184 monthly million page views in the blog and on home page section. I advertise and promote businesses, organization’s events, projects and campaigns using banners technology (HTML5), animated banners, static and video ads. You agree with me that you’ advertiser, will not advertise products or services that are harmful to people, which promotes discrimination, racism and conflicts .Because I use cookie technology to display adverts, your advert may not appear instantly to my site users. This happens because the system pushes your advert to the target group. I do not provide invalid traffic, clicks, views and impressions. All results are generated by human being trained artificial intelligence machines. You agree with me that all clicks will be counted and billed if appropriate. If your bid budget is consumed, your ad will be paused, a notification shall be sent to your email address, if you recharge your ad account, then the ad will resume. I have the right to suspend ads that goes against the marketing policy, by doing so, I shall send you a notification and if you appeal and correct the error, your ads will be unsuspended and you will continue with the service.
  6. MARKETING; Bahati Asher promotes his products and services using social media, Face Book page, and Google ads and media platforms like television, radio stations, and magazines and through affiliates. However, Bahati Asher does not have any agent and all affiliates are not supposed to carry out any transaction with you. All services and products are offered through this official website and on social media platform. In case of amendment, a notification shall be posted on all social media platforms. You agree with me that the transactions you carry out externally, I am not responsible and I cannot refund such transactions.
  7. SECURITY; I use maximum technology and software to keep and maintain the security of this website. This enables me to prevent hackers from accessing the website and stealing information. Therefore If I detect unusual activity on the website like too many failed login attempts, phishing, I can block the I.P address of the device and location. You agree with me that this action is not reversible. You will not again access my services and products from a blocked location or device. This is intended to secure the system and loyal clients.
  8. DISCLAIMER; Bahati Asher writes short stories, E-books, quotes and digital publications, names and places used in such publications are entirely fiction, if they resemble any one, a place you know or you personally, that is entirely coincidental. Photos, artwork, videos and audio files found on this website are from royalty free sites. However, where I use some one’s artwork, photos, videos, audio files or any content, a credit is given to such a person or company. If you believe that your material is used, kindly contact me urgently on email [email protected] and I shall immediately put down your content.
  9. LEGAL ISSUES; the government, laws, may want to cross- check this website or may want to know about your usage of this website, you agree with me that I can provide them with your information with or without contacting you if necessary and appropriate. This website strictly is designed for people above eighteen years in Africa and above 13 years in other continent apart from Asia. You consent that by using this website, you are in that age group and above. However, you can use the site’s services and products under consent of your parents, guardians, a school or clergy members.
  10. HEALTH; Over using of internet on high contrasted light screens like of smart phone, computers, desktop monitors or smart television for long period of time may be harmful to your health especially vision effect. I am not liable for health defects you may experience by this note. I am only liable and responsible to identified defects you obtain from using the products and services found on this website that I personally sell or recommend you except from affiliates and third parties or advertisers. You are not supposed to apply the health tips found on this website immediately. You are advised to contact health professionals over them as this is a blogging website not a health platform. You will not use phishing software, robots to access this website in order to interrupt the health of this system. As you may be taken for legal actions for any health intended issue (hacking) errors you perform on this website.
  11. CONTRIBUTORS; Bahati Asher website connects bloggers, content creators and service providers like mentors, counselors, developers and designers. You agree with me that you own the content you provide on this website and you are responsible for all the copyrights and trademarks.

Thank you for reading these terms and conditions. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

You are advised to read the terms and conditions of all websites and applications before ordering any product or service online.



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